The 30th chapter of Shimeji Simulation first appeared in Monthly Comic Cune December 2021 Issue on sale on October 27, 2021.

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The Gardener reveals herself. She is the one who has thrown a car at Sis beforess29. The Gardener claims that the first car was a warning shot and the next ones will be fatal. She throws three cars1, none of them hit her and all disappeared into the air. For a split second, a small text in the machine language appears on Sis's left eye. She explains, that no one can die because of an accident (such as a car crash) in West Yomogi (apparently, the name of the town where SS takes place). Then the Gardener tries to hit her with her staff. After the hit, some text appeared on Sis again, this time on skin. Sis explains that even murder is impossible, only natural death is allowed.

The sea urchin-looking devicess21? had been destroyed by the Gardener. Sis used to use it to read people's minds and interfere with the town, for experiments. She doesn't need it anymore. Even though such device caused some oddities of the town, most of them are unknowingly created by the inhabitants. Dreams are an example of such influence. The Gardener's job is to clean up after them.

The ground under the four has been rising all this time. They have almost reached the clouds. Sis says that the Gardener can only fix a certain amount of instability, but no more. Thus, she is going to change the very foundation of the world.

A large shell appears in the middle of the ground and raw fishes start gathering inside. This shell is the machine that will give everyone in the town the same power Sis has2. The world starts crumbling.

Shimeji is floating somewhere. People's thoughts flow into her, like beforess06. A particularly long flashback of Sis's childhood is shown. She used to be lonely in kindergarten and school. She also showed the interest in maths/science back then. She started wearing the fish pin in elementary school3. The parents had been gone by high school4. In high school, she promised Shimeji that one day they will attain freedom.

The flashback is over. Both Tsukishimas are found near Parthenon. Shimeji asks if sad things will stop happening in the new world. Sis tells her they will continue happening.

The world has changed. Now, Shimeji lives alone in a small box house. She is listening to a radio broadcast with a weather report: strong wind, giant koi puking blood and occasional pistachio rains. After the report, Mosasa Dogs give a performance.

Majime gives Shimeji a ride on her giant flying corn cob.

1: what cars are these? TODO: identify
2: what power is that exactly? The power to create? Freedom?
3: You can guess that by the lack of uniform. Japanese students start wearing one in middle school.
4: When talking about dead parents, Sis is wearing the classic sailor fuku. It looks just like Shimeji's uniform in high school, and we know that Sis attended the same high school, so this is her high school uniform.


  • u/bouncepaw: If only natural death is possible, where is Tsukishimas' mother?