The 31st chapter of Shimeji Simulation appeared in Comic Cune February 2022 issue that was on sale on December 25, 2021.


All of the town became weird. The Sis is nowhere to be seen.

Majime looks for Shimeji's new house. She found nearby the old Danchi, which is now occupied by the Neighbors only.

Shimeji now lives in a small tofu-like house with spartanic interior. Majime didn't like this house and offered to build a new house and live together.

The girls climbed a hill and built a gigantic skyscraper with a tree house on top using the newly-given power. The building collapsed because objects created by multiple people tend to be unstable. While falling, Shimeji made a cloud fluffy, so they could land safely. They lived there for a week, until they built another tofu-like house on the same hill.