(TL is from top right panel to top left, move to next line, repeat.)

"Huh? This is kinda scary...!"
"Might be for Majime-chan."
"But if you ask me, it's relieving to think..."
"Where am I...?"
"that our bodies aren't real..."

...Everybody's thoughts are hazily flowing into me.
Like that day when it rained...
If God is the personification of fate, then shall Man, through rebellion, attain freedom?
resemble God
*TN: This is all I can get out of the partially blocked text with minimal guessing (I don't think it's a quote, Google didn't return a hit). Keep in mind that the missing information could mean that I got it wrong.

Is the event also causing this...
"Or is it the mushrooms?"



  • Pay attention to Ayaka's frame. What she thinks is not just mere musical notation, it's trees of them!