Majime Yamashita (aka Majime-chan) is a high-school student. She's very cheerful, in love with Shimeji-chan, has a lot of plushies and a cute egg on the head. The egg seems to be inheritted from her mother, who has a similar egg but of a smaller size on her head as well.

As one wise man once said: ‘On the one hand, Majime is a bright, cheerful character, and yolk often symbolizes the sun. On the other hand, she's a bit dumb, and a smashed egg is a symbol of incest in Buddhism. Now live with it’.

She is not really good at getting friends ss01. Her vast collection of plushies might be a reflection of that.

The egg

It floats (she can even put a hat under it ss17). It pulls when she is awake and falls down when she is asleep ss17. It might become more like fluid when she is ill ss15.

The plushies

Her collection was shown in ss14 and ss26. Let's hope a good soul lists them in this section.