The 29th chapter of Shimeji Simulation first appeared in Monthly Comic Cune November 2021 Issue on sale on September 27, 2021.


Shimeji, Majime and Sis start exploring the Danchi dream. Sis tells the girls that she has modified the dream to resemble that of yours for ease of further modification. They meet Big Yoshika and use it for traversing the space. During the ride, Sis says that this dream is close to reality.

They come to the Fizeau apparatus Sis has made to measure the speed of light and then explains how she failed to do so in various dreams. The dream from ss09 was a successful attempt at linking the physical and the dream worlds.

Sis falls asleep from exhaustion. While she sleeps, Shimejime are having a tea party with Assam/Mossam tea and fish-decorated sweet cake in cute dresses. They got these things from nowhere, this is a dream after all.

The three girls exit the dream. The dresses did not disappear. Sis says that she tried to do similar physical experiments and concluded that the physics do not work here (see the perpetual motion machine) and that this town can materialize people's things.

And then she says that they are part of some calculation.And then a car falling from the sky hits her.