Welcome to Pescenomicon Restored, a wiki about works authored by tkmiz. We generally describe everything related to them. This is a "clone" of the original Pescenomicon Which the original author/maintainer took down August 8th 2022. See Restoration for a more complete story.


Current priorities

  • Write up the chapter pages

  • Write plots for every chapter in detail

  • Flesh out character pages

    • Describe the characters

    • Add images to character pages


Our goal is to create a reliable and comprehensive reference for Tsukumizu's works, and a community of fans and experts alike. We're focusing on Shimeji Simulation (an ongoing manga series) right now, but you're free to work on anything else.

How can I help?

If you find any typos/broken links/missing piuctures, shoot an email to my mailing list. I am currently not accepting registrations for the time being, but If you were an original author/account owner on this wiki, let me know and I'll add you back.

Other Notes

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