Flan Wants To Die

‘I thought to myself maybe I should just die already.’
Flandre Scarlet.

Flan Wants to Die (死にたいフラン, shinitai furan) is a 2013 doujinshi authored and drawn by Tsukumizu.

Flan Scarlet is tired of existing. It's probably awful to be locked in a form, without the ability to change or live out a story.


200 years have passed, and Gensokyo has completely changed, including the Human Village, where it is no longer a habitable place for the Youkais. Flandre Scarlet is now celebrating her 695th birthday, but in her mind she wants to end her life permanently and forevermore, as she has become tired of her existence.

Characters (in order)

  • Flandre Scarlet (main)

  • Remilia Scarlet

  • Cirno

  • Daiyousei

  • ‘Marisa’

  • Alice Margatroid